My aim is to try to and create art that is fundamentally conceptual yet bears simplicity in it’s communication. I strongly favour avoiding any esoteric themes in my art, and I therefore often choose a degree of minimalism in the way ideas in my pieces are communicated.

I view myself as anartist whom is deeply concerned with a broad range of social issues and challenges that we face in South Africa. My art is primarily a result of empathy and is a reflexive response on how I feel about the world and in turn, my attempt at changing it.

Corner of Lilian Ngoyi & Francis Baard - Pretoria


We were absolutely overwhelmed by the public response towards the piece. Since the piece is adjacent to both a taxi rank as well as a parking lot where many people having to settle tax related matters at the SARS CBD office park, we could gauge reactions from a multitude of people. It highlighted to me the fact that views on the state of the nation is less divided and contested than in the political sphere since there was a ubiquitous support for the work. The public seemed to enjoy the satire, and the work seemed to prompt conversation, curiosity and debtae between onlookers.

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